Members of the LeBarón family search through the burned car where five of the nine Mormon community members were killed in an ambush launched by a cartel gang in Bavispe, Sonora, on November 4, 2019

‘It wasn’t mistaken identity – it was about money’ — The Daily Mail

Author claims nine murdered Mormon moms and kids were slaughtered by the cartel in targeted REVENGE massacre after their ‘fathers and husbands reneged on a guns deal’

An author has shared her theory that the nine Mormon mothers and their children who were slaughtered in 2019 were killed in a revenge attack by the cartel that was designed to send a message to their husbands and fathers after a deal went wrong.

Nine members of the LeBaron and Miller families were shot and burned in La Mora, a town 70 miles south of the US-Mexico border, in November 2019.

Members of the cartel have been arrested for the killings but the motive has always been murky; some have suggested the killings were a case of mistaken identity, while others say the families were caught in the crossfires of a turf war between rival gangs.

Now, author Sally Denton has shared her theory that the families were in fact in business with the cartel – and that their business relationship took a deadly turn.

‘I think it’s naive for the public to believe they were just friendly neighbors, saying hello at sicario checkpoints.

‘I don’t believe you don’t live with some of the most violent people in the world without having accommodations. I think they were helping with guns.

‘I think somebody owed somebody something. I think there was a great big message, not to the women and children, but to their husbands and fathers.

‘It was not a case of mistaken identity; they were targeted. It was about money; somebody reneged on some kind of deal,’ she told The Daily Beast. 

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